50 Million Naira up for Grabs at PalmPay Super Eid.

To mark the Eid-Al-Fitr celebration, we are giving away 50 Million Naira at the #PalmPaySuperEid promo. 🌙


Do you feel over the moon yet? There’s more 💜

Transact on PalmPay between 13th May – 13th June to win a share of the prize.


Make sure you update your app to the latest version then click on the PalmPay Super Eid banner to start.

Here are the details you need to know regarding the PalmPay Super Eid


  1. The PalmPay Super Eid 50 Million Naira Promo is an activity on the PalmPay app that runs from 0:00, May 13th, 2021 to 2:59pm, June 13th 2021


  1. All customers who collect all 5 badges by 2.59 pm on 13th June 2021, will share in the 50 Million Naira Prize Pool.  The 5 badges are:








Jollof rice 




  1. To collect badges, users should complete the tasks that are part of the promotion such as transacting on the app and inviting friends etc. Each completed task will give you a chance of

winning either a badge or a coupon.


  1. The first 1000 customers to collect at least one of each of all 5 badges will also get an additional N234 cash bonus.


  1. During this activity period, a special “Moon rain” mini game in the app will allow you to win up to N100 once a day. Simply click on the falling Moon Crescents when they appear on the homepage to stand a chance to be rewarded


  1. You also get a chance to swap your collected badges for coupons during the activity period. Ensure all badges are exchanged before the Eid gift box is opened because you will be unable to claim coupons once it is opened.

How to get started/Claim a badge

Step 1. Click on the #PalmPaySuperEid banner on the home screen

Step 2. Click on any of the set tasks. E.g Buy Airtime

Step 3. Complete airtime top-up and head back to the #PalmPaySuperEid page

Step 4. Tap ‘Collect Badges’ to claim a badge or coupon

Step 5. You will get a congratulatory message confirming you have claimed a badge or coupon

How to swap a badge with a PalmPay contact

Step 1 Tap ‘Swap badge with friends’ on the activity page

Step 2. Select the badge you want to swap

Step 3. Select a friend from your list and share the badge with them

How to invite a friend to join the PalmPay Super Eid

Step 1. Click on the #PalmPaySuperEid banner on the home screen

Step 2. Tap ‘Share Activity’

Step 3. Share the activity link via any social network

Step 4. The recipient will be redirected to download the app once they click the link

Open your PalmPay app now to join the #PalmPaySuperEid to WIN BIG.

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