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Posted by PalmPay App
September 25, 2020

Celebrate Independence Day with PalmPay Awoof Moni and stand a chance to win up to N10,000!

Nigeria's 60th independence anniversary is around the corner 💃   To celebrate, we will be rewarding over 80 PalmPay users with cash prizes of... Read More
Posted by PalmPay App
August 21, 2020

Here are the details of our N1,000,000 PalmPay Anniversary Raffle

First things first! A huge thanks to our great customers, partners, employees, and friends 🤝    Yes! It's our first anniversary and we are... Read More
Posted by PalmPay App
August 20, 2020

PalmPay people! Get Free 30,000 Naira PalmPay Awoof Moni Now

PalmPay People! Better Awoof don land with PalmPay Awoof Moni 💸 We are giving you 30,000 Naira Awoof Moni 💃🏿 E shock you? Update... Read More
Posted by Sofia
July 20, 2020

PalmPay is celebrating our first anniversary and we are bringing the presents!

A year ago, we officially launched PalmPay! oh, how time flies when you are having fun 🚀   Yes! We are super excited because... Read More
Posted by PalmPay App
May 11, 2020

How to Succeed on PalmForce

PalmForce is PalmPay's rewards programme for people who invite others to try the app. Watch this presentation to learn more about how you can... Read More
Posted by PalmPay App
May 5, 2020


The global spread of the novel coronavirus means that we all need to take certain action steps to help reduce its transmission. We have... Read More

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