Get mobile phones, earphones, power bank and other electronic products on PalmPay for just N50.

Did you know that you can get amazing items such as mobile phones, earphones, power banks and other electronic devices for just N50 on PalmPay?


The ₦50 Grab Deals offers users the opportunity to participate in ongoing deals daily with a chance to win the item free of charge once the maximum deal bids are completed

How to Grab

Step 1. On the homepage click ‘Pay N50 to grab a phone’ banner to view the available items available for grabs 

Step 2. From the list of the available items, click on ‘Grab’ to select the exact item you would love to bid on

Step 3. Click on ‘Grab now’ to proceed to the payment screen.

Step 4. Click on ‘Pay’ to make a payment of N50.

Step 5. Complete payment and head over to the grab deal page.

Things to note

1.Items are displayed daily and all users can participate in the scramble for the item by paying ₦50 only.

2.Deal participation is only confirmed once 50 bid payment is completed successfully and bids cannot be recalled or cancelled once payment is completed.

3.If the ₦50 bid payment fails or is pending, payment must be attempted again for the user to participate in the Grab deal.

4.Each item on display is assigned a maximum number of deal bids by the system which must be completed within 24 hours before a winner can be selected.

5.Where the time limit expires before the maximum number of deal bids required to complete the Grab deal, all ₦50 bid payments are refunded to the wallet of all participants in the failed Grab deal within 48 hours.

6.Where the deal bids required are completed within the time limit, the winner is selected and all ₦50 bid payments will be refunded in ₦100 coupons to the participants of all successful deals that did not win. Coupons must be used within a validity period of 7 days.

7.Grab deal winners for each item will be announced at 10 am daily once the deal bids required are complete and deals with incomplete bids are aborted.

8. Users are expected to provide valid addresses while placing their bids as items will be delivered to the user’s address once they win a deal.

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