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How to boost your PalmForce earnings

1. How to earn on PalmForce?

You will earn N200 for each new customer you invite using your special code or link, which you can find on your invite friends page. Remember, your invitee must buy airtime or pay for a bill for them to count as a new PalmPay customer.

On top of this, you will receive a % cashback on up to 5 airtime or bill payment transactions that your downlines carry out that month for 3 layers down. The cashback % will depend on the percentage of your base that transacts that month.

2. What is a downline?

A downline is a customer who you have referred to PalmPay. We have three levels of downlines – so your referrers can build your base with their downlines.

3. How do the reward levels work?

PalmForce has 3 reward Levels – Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each member is rated on referrals and the activity of their base.  When you join PalmForce you’ll be on the Bronze level, you can improve your status by meeting the invitation and transaction activity targets and move up to a different level the following month.

4. How much can you earn?

The reward is calculated based on your Level (Gold, Silver, Bronze), the number of referrals you have added in a month and the activity of your base within a certain month. Within the PalmForce section of the app, you’ll be able to monitor the reward which you have earned and the amount which has been settled.

5. What if I don’t meet my target?

If you don’t meet your Level targets this month, your Level will be downgraded next month based on your performance. If you don’t meet the minimum targets to be a Bronze member, your PalmForce account will go “dormant” and you will earn the normal 300 PalmPoints invitation incentive with no downline cashback. You will be upgraded again to Bronze as soon as you invite at least 5 customers in a month and 10% of your base transacts.

6. What does base transaction activity mean?

Let’s say you have 100 downlines that are part of your base. If 10 of them transact this month, then your base activity rate is 10%. This would make you eligible to receive the Bronze level rewards as long as you also invite 5 new customers this month. 

7. When will I be paid?

Your rewards are paid in Naira directly into your PalmPay wallet on Tuesdays each week, for the results you have achieved over the previous week

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